Making an Infantry Team

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The following is a walk-through on how to make an infantry team from scratch.

  1. Open the country's infantry team files. This file will always be in the fashion of CountryInfantry.dat.
  2. Click the new button.
  3. Enter the name and unique id. The unique idea will always begin with a capital letter and will be the country code listed in the naming conventions.
  4. Enter the tags. An infantry unit will have the following tags:
    1. Mobility
    2. Range
    3. ROF
    4. AT
    5. FP
  5. Any additional notes on the team, like special modifiers to ROF when moving or pinned down, should be typed in the Description box. Note that whatever is typed in that box will print directly on the roster each time the team appears. It is important to only type absolutely vital information here.
  6. Save the unit by clicking save
  7. Create the child option by clicking the upward zagged arrow on the right hand side. (This will take you to the option tab and set up the basic option for the team.)
  8. Enter the name of the team.
  9. Change the nature to Auto.
  10. Click into Size and set it to "call Size1"
  11. Click into Visible and set it to "FALSE"
  12. Click into Live and set it to "structure.uniqueid" where uniqueid is the name you gave the unit.
  13. Save the option by clicking save.
  14. Open the augmentation file for the country. This is always in the format of Country.aug.
  15. Click the Extgroup tab.
  16. Click New.
  17. Type the name of the team.
  18. Type the same unique id that you gave the team.
  19. Set Tag Group to Platoon Structure (structure).

Congratulations, you have now fully implemented a new infantry team.

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