Naming Conventions

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In order to easily find units and options, the files use a naming convention. General units (tanks, transports, guns, infantry) use a single capital letter (e.g. G for German) to designate their nationality. Units and options use multiple letters to designate what file they are in (e.g. GA for Panzerkompanie {German Armor}).


All names begin with a letter that designates the country the name is from. For version 2 entries this letter was capitalized. For version 3 entries it is lower case.

b - British
n - Finnish
f - French
h - Hungarian
i - Italian
g - German
p - Polish
r - Romanian
s - Soviet
u - United States

Company Type

The second letter always designates the major type of company. Currently there are three acceptable options. This letter is always capitalized.

A - Armored
I - Infantry
R - Reconaissance
S - Support (Used for support assets listed under Divisional Support in briefings).

Company Subtype

The third letter will sometimes be a company subtype. If it is being used in this fashion, it will be capitalized. If it is not capitalized, it is part of the unit/option name. The following is a list of the current company Subtypes.

A - Armored
I - Infantry
M - Mechanized
P - Parachute

Common Company types

xA - The main tank company for a country
xI - The main leg infantry company for a country
xIA - Infantry with half-tracks
xIM - Infantry with trucks
xIP - Parachute Infantry
xRI - Leg recon
xRM - Unarmored Recon
xRA - Armored Recon

Standard Name Prefixes

l - Light
h - Heavy

Standard Name Suffixes

There are several standard name suffixes that should be use to identify the purpose of an entry.

-hq - This is used for the unit and option for the HQ section of a platoon
s - This is used for the sections of a platoon. It can be further followed by a number designating an alternative structure for that section, e.g. -s2, -s5, or -s15. If numbered -s are used, -s is replaced by -s1.
-sec - The option that allows the selection of the number of sections a platoon will have.
-tpt - The option which adds transports to a platoon.

Standard Names

aa - An anti-aircraft unit.
at - An anti-tank unit
chq - The Company HQ
eng - A pioneer or engineer unit.
inf - The combat unit of an infantry company.
recon - A recon unit.
tank - The combat unit of a tank company.

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